The best way to protect your passwords, recovery phrases, or any secret information is cold storage. Cold storage maintains information offline. This establishes a physical barrier against someone trying to hack your information from a remote location. Xecrets take the concept of cold storage to the next level, protecting your assets against physical theft, loss, and disasters such as fires and floods.

You can store any string of text up to 5,000 characters in a set of Xecrets QR codes. This allows for the protection of passwords, private keys, and recovery phrases.

Yes, the Xecret.io app operates on the client-side (that is, user devices) offline, not on our servers. We do not store the confidential information of any client on our servers.

We randomize your private information down to each bit and store less than the threshold on each QR code. Attackers can't learn anything from a single QR code regardless of their computational resources. Please refer to our white paper for more details on how our technology works.

Increasing the threshold in a set improves security because it increases the difficulty of taking possession of the number of QR codes necessary to recover the secret information.

The Xecret.io threshold system provides redundancy against loss, theft, damage, and destruction. If one QR code is not accessible or readable, you can still decrypt your private information with the remaining QR codes in the set.

If the threshold number of QR codes were lost, the secret information would not be recoverable. For example, consider a set of three QR codes with a threshold of two. If two of the three QR codes were lost, then the confidential information would not be recoverable.

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