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In cryptocurrency, self-custody gives you complete control over your assets, but it also means you alone are responsible for safeguarding your wallet's seed phrase. While has emerged as a modern and robust solution to this challenge, traditionalists often advocate for the simplicity of old school paper storage. In this article, we'll explore why stands out as the superior option when pitted against the traditional paper method.

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Seed phrase storage on metal encrypted QR code for secure crypto wallet seed phrase storage encrypted QR code

The Pitfalls of Traditional Paper Storage

- Single Copy Vulnerabilities

  • Loss: Misplacing this single piece of paper could result in a complete lockout from your digital assets.
  • Fire: Should a fire (or other natural disaster) occur where the paper is stored, your access to your digital wealth could be gone in minutes.
  • Theft: A tangible piece of paper is easily stolen, and your funds could be gone in seconds.

- Multiple Copies: Safety or Snare?

To combat these vulnerabilities, some create multiple distributed copies. However:

  • Increased Theft Risk: With each additional unencrypted copy, the chances of one falling into the wrong hands multiply. Distributing copies means more locations and opportunities for thieves to strike.

- Dividing the Seed Phrase: A Tangled Web

A method that has gained some traction is distributing parts of the seed phrase onto different pieces of paper.

  • Catastrophic Loss: It may seem like a clever solution against theft, but what happens if even one of those pieces is lost or damaged? Without the complete seed phrase, recovering your cryptocurrency becomes impossible.

The Enhanced Security of stands out as a pioneer in seed phrase protection, offering a robust and multi-faceted security system. Let's delve into the three major security features that make a superior choice:

  • Cold Storage Encryption: Central to's security strategy is the encryption of the seed phrase on paper, placing it in cold storage. By taking this step, the seed phrase is completely isolated from the online realm, making it impossible for hackers to access it.
  • Slicing & QR Encryption: slices (shards) the seed phrase across multiple encrypted pages. Each of these pages contains a unique QR code. However, it's crucial to understand that no single QR code contains enough data to recover any portion of the seed phrase. This design ensures that even if a malicious actor intercepts a single page with its QR code, it's rendered useless. Users are advised to store these pages in remote locations for proper security.
  • Threshold Recovery Mechanism:'s threshold recovery system is designed to simultaneously protect against loss, fire, or theft. Simply put, to retrieve the seed phrase, users need a designated number of pages with their QR codes, termed the threshold recovery number (e.g., 3 out of 5). This means that even if some pages or QR codes are lost, stolen, or damaged, users can still access their seed phrase as long as they have the required number of pages and QR codes.

Conclusion: Why is the Safer Alternative provides a multi-layered approach to security that addresses the limitations and risks associated with traditional paper storage. Its features are designed to offer both robust protection and flexibility. With its visionary approach, has set a new benchmark in secure seed phrase storage, making it a more reliable and safer choice for those serious about the security of their digital assets.

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